Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wibble Trek

I had some computer problems last week (lost my hard drive!!) which put me behind on updates (well even more behind than usual!). Anyway, here's my latest, I know some of you've seen it already, but here it is anyway:


Captain Pankirk
"The Infinite Vulcan"

Beam me up, Buttons!!

Looks like Captain Pankirk has come to rescue Spock from yet another fix he's gotten himself into!

This is a painting of Captain Pankirk (played by Pancakes) in one of my favorite Star Trek, the Animated Series' stories, "The Infinite Vulcan" (adapted by Alan Dean Foster from a script by Walter Koenig). In case your memory is a little rusty, on a routine mission to Phylos, Spock is mysteriously kidnapped - he faces a dubious future! Now I know you're probably saying, "Wait a second platypus, surely you know there weren't any tribbles in that story!" Well, thats just me taking a little artistic license - tribbles are fun to paint!

This is the first in my "Cat Trek" series - key scenes from memorable episodes portrayed by cats!