Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When Wibbley-Worlds Collide

Wow, I've been very lax about posting, didn't realize the last time was Halloween! I think this time I'll blame it on my new job, haha.

Anyway, a new painting is always a good excuse for a post, so here's my first for 2010:

"Ben Cooper Sparky"

Interestingly it has a Halloweeny theme going on too, although they're all on their way to a Masquerade. This is another collaborative piece (of sorts) between me & Mr. Wibbley - Lunchbox is our fourth child, lol.

Anyway, here’s the story so far - Lunchbox found this excellent vintage Ben Cooper Sparky costume to wear to the Masquerade tonight - the problem is, it’s too good a disguise, and now madness and mayhem rule the streets of Wibbley World! Poor Bloo, she was supposed to go to the Masquerade with Lunchbox but doesn’t even recognize him! (Actually he doesn’t recognize her either in that totally convincing clown costume she threw together at the last second.

Even Sparky’s friend The Squid is totally confused: “WTF, Sparky, why are you wearing a diaper?!”

But as usual, Lunchbox is oblivious to the chaos that surrounds him. He may not have a brain in his head, but he has his lunch pail and his diaper; and at the end of the day, what more do any of us really need?