Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas, Pickle Bear

Merry Christmas, Pickle Bear
4x4, Oil, Rhinestone & Glitter on Panel

Poor Pickle Bear.  He was so excited to have been invited too a holiday party (finally) to which he was instructed to wear his best holiday sweater.  It was a tough decision, but he picked the one with the moose licking a candy cane next to a giant snowflake, he thought this was the most festive since the moose has a rhinestone eye and there's glitter everywhere!  And nothing says "Christmas" like a moose with a rhinestone eye and glitter!  And did I mention that Pickles made the sweater all by himself??   

Now I know you're wondering why Pickles looks so sad - well he's just discovered that this is really an "Ugly" holiday sweater party and he's worried that others will think his sweater is ugly and make fun of him!  But in true Pickle Bear fashion he soldiers bravely on, with a smile on his face despite the tears in his eyes.  And look!  There's Lunchbox, giving Pickles and his sweater two thumbs up!  Now we know everything will be alright :)