Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


I know this is an older painting but since I recently posted this year's Halloween paintings I thought I'd dig this one out since it's one of my favorites.

Anyway, today was pretty busy - first we had our Grandpuppy (or Granddogger as Chris says) Lola for the weekend - Violet and Linda were thrilled, but the cats and Jabby could all think of other things they'd rather have happen.


Today was also our 23rd anniversary and we celebrated as usual by going to the Chiller Theater convention. Violet wore her Cleopatra costume, she looked great & a lot of people wanted to take her picture! Here's a pic of her with her Gus Fink Puff Dog, Violet's a huge Gus Fink fan (like her mom!) and luckily he was there or she'd have been very disappointed.

I was very happy and excited that I got to meet LeVar Burton there! I told him that we watch him almost every night in TNG reruns :) Even Violet knew who he was, although she didn't recognize him at first without his visor (she watches with us sometimes).

Other than that it was the usual Halloweenery, trick or treating and such - we took Linda with us for a bit but she barked furiously at the decorations in which she could recognize a face, pretty cute! Violet did quite well for herself, a 5 lb haul (!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is a portrait I did for my art group's portrait swap - I was a little late with it (ok 11 months, hanging my head in shame) but finally recently finished it. I know some of you have already seen it posted elsewhere.

Anyway, this is a painting of just about the worst thing that's ever happened in Wibbley World, that horrible day when Lunchbox and Bloo were kidnapped - a day that will live in infamy. Poor Lunchbox dropped his lunch-pail and I tell you, you could hear him wailing into the middle of next week! I was shocked to discover that it was my friend John Borrero who had put on a disguise and stolen them:

Oil on canvas

I'm filled with outrage just looking at this again - how could John just laugh and ignore the fact that he made Lunchbox drop his lunch-pail and cry!? Doesn't he know that when you have your diaper but not your lunch-pail, then everything's not OK? Apparently he had lured them with some candy and then tried wheeling them off in a wagon but they kept climbing out, so he had to carry them in his arms as he trotted away on his spindly little goat legs.

But you know what? Everything did turn out ok after what was quite a scare. Eventually I was able to track them down by following Lunchbox's shrieks of terror (Bloo was so petrified she couldn't make a peep) and John's hoof-prints. I was able to rescue them, bringing them back home where they could be happy again. Here's John's portrait of our reunion:

"John in Wibbley World" by John Borrero
18x24, Acrylic & mixed media

(click image to read John's side of the story
and to see more of his amazing artwork)

After re-reading John's story I guess maybe I overreacted, but that's how we Mommies are when our babies are in trouble!

So now you know, if there was any question:

Lunchbox + lunchpail + diaper = good
Lunchbox + diaper - lunchpail = bad
Lunchbox - lunchpail - diaper = you don't even want to know

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Deery, too

I've decided I'm going to try to post something at least every other day - usually a piece of artwork but sometimes not. I have a lot of sketches, drawings and paintings that I haven't done anything with, many are ideas for more developed paintings.

Anyway, here's a little pencil ACEO I drew a couple of months ago:

Deery, too

Not to be confused with

Regular Deery

I think they may be cousins.

I'll probably be putting many of these on ETSY in the next couple of months. I still have Regular Deery too but sometimes when I have a painting for too long I bond with it and it's even harder to sell. I see I painted Regular Deery back in 2005! Wow, I didn't realize it was that long!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween paintings!

I just finished (and listed) two Halloween paintings - one's for Nibblefest (our theme this month is OWLS).

First up, for both of you Star Trek / Halloween / Lunchbox fans out there:

5 x 7 Oil and Chromacolour on Panel
(click to go to auction)

It’s that time of year again! We all know by now how much Lunchbox loves Halloween, but I bet you didn’t know he was such a huge Star Trek TOS fan. Actually neither did Lunchbox, he just came across this Spock costume at the Halloween Store – it was marked down because the Tricorder was missing. But you know what? Lunchbox doesn’t care – he has his lunch-pail and his diaper. When you have your lunch-pail and your diaper, who needs a silly tricorder anyway?

This painting is the third installment in my “WibbleTrek” series, and as well as the third installment of my Lunchbox Halloween series (I think).

* * *

Next is my Nibblefest entry:

Happy Owloween!
5x5 Oil and Chromacolour on panel
(click to go to auction)

“Trick or Tweet!” OK I know owls don’t say "tweet" but oh well.

So anyway, Shelly's taking her little brother Alex out trick or treating - she's kind of mad because she had other plans and her parents just dumped this on her at the last second. Poor Alex is really scared of all the ghosts and monsters too. ☹

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spam & Trout!

"Second Thoughts"
5x5 Oil & Chromacolour on Panel

Well the "big day" is finally here and Spammy is having second thoughts. Maybe it's not such a good idea for a slice of Spam to marry a trout - after all, don't trout eat Spam? Not that his beautiful bride would ever harm him, but you never know for certain about such matters. Besides, I bet he's really delicious!

Maybe mother was right, he should have married a nice slice of bologna after all...

I created this painting for EBSQ's "Spam & Trout" show.