Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreams and Nightmares

5 x 7
Oil on Wood

The theme for Nibblefest this month is “Dreams,” and both of my entries are about common dreams you regular folks have. This painting is of that old standby, the “Flying Dream.” You know where you sprout little fairy wings and fly all over the countryside, but in reality you’re all snuggly in bed with your little squirrel?

The Flying Dream’s kind of a bummer to wake up from, unless you’re flying over hot lava or the Pacific Ocean or some other such scary place.

5 x 7
Oil on Masonite

You know how you’ll have that bad dream where you’re in school or at work and you suddenly discover that you’re stark naked? Lunchbox has that dream too, only in his, he’s fully clothed!!

Oh, the horror, the horror!

On the other hand, Lunchbox does have his lunch-pail and (even though you and he can’t see it) his diaper, so what more does anyone really need? Plus it was all just a dream so we can all breathe easy and go back to believing that “nothing really bad ever happens in Wibbley World.”