Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spinach Washington

Spinach Washington  
5 x 7
Oil on Wood

So Spinach and I were talking about genealogy the other day, and get this, it turns out he has a famous ancestor in his family tree – he’s even named after him - Spinach Washington!  Yes, THESpinach Washington - our first president and hero of the Wibblelutionary War!   I'm stunned too!   Now I know "Washington" is a pretty common last name, but you'd think I might have noticed the resemblance, I feel like such a doofus!  

Anyway, now that I know, it’s interesting to see how much Spinach looks like his ancestor in that famous “unfinished portrait”.  Those are some mighty powerful genes!

Spinach Washington is my entry for the May Nibblefest contest, our theme this month is "PORTRAITS".  Please click here to go to the auction.