Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Battle of the Babies

I almost forgot to post my latest Nibblefest painting here!

6" x 6" 
Acrylic on masonite panel

Godzilla and Mothra go way back.  In fact, they’ve known eachother their whole lives!  Interesting, right?!   I didn’t know that either until I came across this photo of them together on the beach, it was from back when they were “two-toothers” in diapers.   It’s nice to see that Baby Godzilla’s parents were ecologically responsible even then – no disposable diapers for the future King of Monsters!  On the other hand, maybe Pampers weren't invented yet.

In this painting, Baby Godzilla is learning how to destroy buildings (using sand sculpture of Tokyo)  while spoil-sport Baby Mothra is swooping in to stop him Way to ruin a good time, Baby Mothra!