Sunday, July 6, 2008

Violet's Creatures

I have some things I'm working on, but nothing ready to show yet since most are sketches for the upcoming EBSQ "Ripped Off" show, in which I'll be interpreting the work of Lori Rase Hall, Valerie Jeanne, and Noelle Hunt . I always love doing this show, I find it challenging and inspiring. I've also been working on my July Nibblefest piece, our theme is Angels & Demons.

Anyway, my daughter Violet spent a good part of today making ridiculously cute little creatures she calls "Ghosties" (I generously allowed her to raid my secret stash of eyeballs). When she was done we had a little photo shoot:


A close up:


The rejects (didn't get to be in the show, I'm not sure why but maybe they have trouble controlling themselves):

Surrounded by PINECONES - Look out!!!:

And finally, the artist and her creations:


Valerie Jeanne said...

Oh wow, those are wonderful, fun creations by Violet! She's got your talent for big eye art, for sure. I love the ghosties. :D

Angels & Demons is a cool theme. I hope I can enter something for this month's NFAC contest. I've got a lot done on my rip off of your work and still have to do Noelle's next. I agree, it is challenging to do one's own version of somebody else's work, but it brings out the best in me, I think. Looking forward to seeing your NFAC and rip offs! :)

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Thanks Valerie, she'll love reading your comment! She was insistent that while she didn't want to sell them, she did want them online! BTW she's already done a drawing for July NFAC, it's very cute, but then I am biased. We'll see if I can bring myself to list it.

I need to get going on the RIP's too, I've only actually started Noelle's (been doing a lot of sketching though). I can't wait to see what you do (I hope you do a nibblefest too) :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!