Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last & First - Won Ton and Lunchbox!

My last painting for 2008 (completed on New Years Eve) was for the EBSQ "Better Late than Never" show, it's a portrait of Tracey Greene's little one-eyed shih tzu, "Won Ton". I'm happy to say that Won Ton won the "Member's Choice" award! That was a nice little ending to an otherwise underwhelming year.

Tracey's Won Ton

I've been so busy with other stuff this month that I only just finished my first painting for 2009, it's for the January Nibblefest contest (which just happened to start tonight). Our theme this month is "Winter Wonderland."

Lunchbox, Lost at the North Pole
(click on Lunchbox to see the auction)

This is the long-awaited second installment of my “Lunchbox Gets Lost” series. Lunchbox went out for a stroll in the Arctic Circle one day, and you know the rest – LOST AGAIN! Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh evknowles, surely you know there aren’t pine trees or cute baby deer at the North Pole!” Well that just shows you how lost poor Lunchbox really is! Lunchbox doesn't mind being lost, cold, or even the imminent danger from that snowman lurking by the trees, because at the end of the day when you’ve got your lunchpail and your diaper, what more do you really need?


lilly piri said...

Heheh, your nibblefest entry is so cute! i was just wondering the other day (and have been for some time) can anyone participate in NFAC or do you have to be an EBSQ member?

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Hi Lilly!

Thanks :)

Yes anyone can participate in NFAC, you just need to join the ebay group: http://groups.ebay.com/forum/Nibblefest-Art-Contest/Home/7914
which is open to everyone. You used to be a member, so I assume you still are (although I think you must have changed your user ID). I remember you won the Alice in Wonderland contest a couple of years ago.

Re. EBSQ - we have a section there because a lot of members participate in the contest, but they're not officially affiliated with eachother (which is why the NFAC board there is in the public section of EBSQ).

I'd love to see you participate again - February's theme is "Vintage Cats!"