Monday, July 20, 2009

Lunchbox, Lost in the Dark

Lost in the Dark

Poor Lunchbox, he just can’t ever seem to get it right. Once again our hero finds himself (you guessed it) LOST, this time in the dark.

“But Lunchbox has a flashlight!” you say. Well that would help, IF he understood how to use it.

Yes it’s dark and spooky. Yes, bats could come swooping down at any second and get caught in his hair. Yes, he might walk head-on into a giant spider nest. But Lunchbox doesn’t mind - because at the end of the day, when you’ve got your lunchpail and your diaper, what more do you really need?

This is another installment in my "Lunchbox Gets Lost" series, featuring a hopelessly naive diaper-wearin, lunchpail-totin chipmunk named Lunchbox.


Maureen said...

Where you been?

Momo Luna said...

You always manage to bring a smile upon my face. :-)

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Thanks Momo!

Maureen, I haven't been doing so well lately - 4 weeks ago I injured my shoulder, turns out it was a pinched nerve, which was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. Thankfully it's a lot better now (finally) although I do still need to take ibuprofen every 4 hours like clockwork. It was my left shoulder too, and the pain radiates down my arm into my elbow, forearm & a little in my hand (doesn't help that I'm a lefty too!). Then in the midst of that somehow I came down with bronchitis, which I've recovered from.

It's uncomfortable for me to sit too long at the computer too, even though I did change my setup.

I have been busy the last few days though, I've been making ACEO sized prints which I'm going to try selling. They look really nice, now I don't want to sell the ones I've made, lol.

Maureen said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder, I had whiplash from a car accident that lasted for over a month and still acts up 20 years later when I'm really tired. You should get physical therapy, the exercises do help, especially if you continue to do them.