Monday, October 24, 2011

Still Life with Wibble

No, you're not hallucinating - I'm actually posting for the second time in two days! What's the matter with me?!

"Still Life with Wibble"
5x7, oil on panel

Anyway, this is a little still life I made for this month’s Nibblefest contest, our theme this month is “Still Life.” Francis is a little nerbbis, perched so high atop of that jar of glazing medium (scary, scary, scary - you can tell he just wanted me to get done with the painting and put him down already!) The Wibble featured here (Francis) is actually a real-life needle felted bear-like creature (ok I admit I don’t know what it really is) who I made a few months ago. I’m telling you this so you all don’t think I cheated and painted a made up character, stuck him on a jar and called it a still life. Here’s a photo so you can see that he's real (he's not included though, this auction is just for the painting):

(not included in auction, just showing you all that he exists)

And yes, that is Spock in the background. He was being kind of a jerk so I cropped out his head from the photo.


Patience said...

Francis is sure a cutie-patootie -- love your take on the 'Still Life' theme Vicky, and much luck with your Nibblefest entries....!

Anonymous said...

Vicky! You are one of my favourite artists, I am in love with your work, you are amazing
Your long lost friend J :)

Vicky Knowles said...

Thank you Patience, I didn't see your comment earlier :)

Hi Jordana! It's good to hear from you! I still have your painting from our "ripped off" , I think you were a little busy at that time. If you give me your address I'll send it to you :)