Tuesday, May 8, 2012

29 Faces - Day 7: Eyeballs McGillicuddy

I wasn't feeling too well last night so I'm a day behind with my 29 faces, I'll try to catch up this week.

Today's face belongs to Eyeballs McGillicuddy:

Face 7
Eyeballs McGillicuddy
2.5 x 3.5
graphite on bristol

Here's a link to the other 29 Faces in May particpants: OTHER PARTICIPANTS


Simona Cordara said...

WOW! Amazing! It reminds me of some science fiction story I read many years ago. :)

Vicky Knowles said...

Thanks Simona! If you remember what story that was I'd be interested. This was based on a little doodle I had done, not even thinking of the challenge, then I figured "why not?!" :)