Sunday, January 27, 2013

I know this is last minute, but I realized I've been neglecting my little blog recently.

Five Random Things

Beach Buddies the Next Generation
Oil on Canvas

This month’s Nibblefest Contest is “Five Random Things.”  This theme was a little tricky for me because in Wibbley World, everything is random and therefore nothing is random.   Anyway, I put out a call to the Wibbles for a “mega-chimera” and look who showed up:  Sea Monstery!  I know, you’re saying “but there are SEVEN creatures* in that Mega-Chimera, not five!” but either Sea Monstery is an overachiever or he’s just not good at math.   Then I thought to myself, “but this isn’t truly random, and those Nibblefest administrators can be real hard-asses about stuff like this.  If I know what’s good for me I’d better throw some other random elements in this painting, pronto!”   So I added thePorthole (with concerned citizen), pink bunny in a cup with wheels, a spoon, a delicious orange lollipop, and of course a snowman.  Overkill perhaps, but better safe than sorry I say!   

 *elephant, giraffe, seahorse, sea lion, winged insect, poodle, and trees.  

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