Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Domestic Cat

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to present the following Nibblefest painting!

The Domestic Cat (Laurie)

Laurie, as you can see,  is a double-fisted cleaner -  ElectroLux vacuum in one hand, feather duster in another, and a big smile on her whiskers – too bad she died over 20 years ago or I’d have the cleanest house on the block.  Too bad none of my other cats are “Domestics” – what a bunch of lazy bums!   

This painting is currently on ebay, part of the February Nibblefest contest.  Our theme this month is "Domestic Animals".  It doesn't get more domestic than this, I say!  If you're interested in seeing the auction, please click here.

1 comment:

martinealison said...

Je veux bien embaucher Laurie aujourd'hui à la maison !... sourire.
Cette peinture est très belle.
Gros bisous