Monday, April 1, 2013

Wonder Wibble

Wonder Wibble
Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Wibbley Way

Traveling via balloon, Wonder Wibble conquers evil and injustice using super powers which manifest themselves through his mighty lunchpail and diaper. In other hands these are just commonplace tools - the lunchpail and diaper are nothing more than an empty bucket and a pair of Huggies. Not so for Wonder Wibble however, for whom the diaper is always empty, and the lunchpail is always full. Everything turns out ok once Wonder Wibble is on the scene, without fail.

Wonder Wibble is the leader of the Legion of SuperWibbles - if you look closely in this picture you can see other SuperWibbles in the distance on their respective balloons, flying off to fight danger and crime. As with all superheroes, their true identities must remain a secret.

This piece is my entry in the Superheroes show, because in truth, there is no superhero greater than Wonder Wibble.

Wonder Wibble was painted for the EBSQ Art Group's Create Your Own Superhero Exhibit, if you believe in Wonder Wibble and support his and the rest of the Legion of SuperWibbles' endeavors, please follow the link and give them a vote!


Jane Blogs said...

omg, Vicki!
This is just so clever, I absolutely love him :D

Your imagination is so incredibly fertile, what on earth will you come up with next?

Vicky Knowles said...

Aww Thank you Jane! What a nice thing to say :)