Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Very Soft and Very Fuzzy Owl

I've been terrible about keeping up here, sorry!

Soft and Fuzzy Owl (no relation to Soft and Fuzzy Johnson, if you can believe it) is a little shy so I promised not to reveal too much about her.  I think she probably is related to Owley Johnson though, they both have “that look.”  However, I can tell you that she feels more secure in her little forest home, which she insisted on having painted along with her portrait (hence the frame).

Soft and Fuzzy Owl comes in a cute little paper mache frame on which I’ve painted various plants and suchlike substances. If you would prefer to use a different frame, she’s just velcro’d in  and I’m sure would transition to a new home nicely.  Here’s a pic of her, sans frame:

Soft and Fuzzy Owl was painted for the Nibblefest Art Contest, our theme for October is "OWLS".  

Next month is giraffes, I can't wait! 

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martinealison said...


Une adorable peinture avec un regard si doux...
Gros bisous