Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chirpy II - an experiment

I thought I'd give watercolors a try again - about once a year or so I give watercolors and/or acrylics another go, determined that this time I'll figure them out! I really don't know how you water-media folks do it! So anyway, I dug out all of my watercolor paraphernalia again & came up with Chirpy II:
I had a little bit more success this time. I may never be a "watercolor artist" but maybe won't wait another year before trying them again!


lilly piri said...

That's like me, but with oils! Trying to stick with them though :)

chirpy is cute!

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Thanks Lilly! I've only seen a couple of your oil pieces, you do very well with them but I guess we all have our own ways of working.

Are you still in Germany or back in Australia?

Valerie Jeanne said...

Oh, I wish I could paint with oils better, like you! I do remember a time when I could not figure out acrylics though...I just spent *so much* time trying this and that...some light finally began to dawn. I was determined to learn and I guess it's that way with oils too. I'll just have to sit down and work at them.

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

I wish I could take a class where they actually taught technique & would show you what you were doing wrong. I remember a few years ago you had explained your technique to me - I went out & bought a bunch of supplies & still couldn't do it. It would be nice to have someone to ask, "why is this happening?" when the paint gets all goopy or whatever the problem is, whenever it's not behaving the way it's "supposed" to. I have some trouble with oils too but not nearly to the same extent.

Valerie Jeanne said...

That was a big criticism I had of the art school I attended -- they really didn't demonstrate painting techniques very well, or at all sometimes. I was very disappointed with a somewhat "famous" teacher of mine who specialized in acrylics, but was stingy with information on how to really paint with them.

If we ever meet in person, maybe we can show each other how we paint. :)

lilly piri said...

Still in Germany :) We want to visit Australia at the end of the year. Where in the US do you live?

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Valerie, I would love to do that too (I have to say the idea entered my mind when we considered Rochester, but unfortunately the weather would be bad for my husband's health).

Lilly, we're in NJ now but are researching other areas to live since NJ is horrible for my husband's fibromyalgia.

Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job with this watercolor, but I can tell you are trying to paint it in the same way you are used to painting oils. It does take some practice, but it's a fun medium (watercolor) to use. No smelly turpentine too!


Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Hi Lori,

You're right, but it's the only way I know! I'll keep trying though, if I ever can find the time.