Thursday, November 20, 2008

Illustration Friday AND Nibblefest!

So it happened that this week's Illustration Friday themes overlapped and I was able to do one painting for both. I love it when that happens!

Illustration Friday's topic is "Pretend", and Nibblefest's is "Christmas Trees," so the obvious solution was to paint a squid pretending to be a Christmas Tree. I'm just worried now that more people will have done the same thing. Oh well.

Anyway, here's my entry:

"Merry Squidmas!"

(Click painting to see the auction)

Sparky is really excited for Christmas and is having so much fun wearing his little elf hat and decorating the tree! Too bad it isn’t a real tree – I hate to say it, but either Sparky’s really stupid or someone spiked the eggnog.

Remember, all Nibblefest auctions start at just 99¢, no reserve! This one ends on Thanksgiving, so if you're thinking of bidding, please do so early or use a sniping software such as esnipe (which I swear by, btw. I'd do a commercial for them!)


Carmen SaldaƱa said...

Your style is amazing, very personal. I love the cat in this illustration, his eyes are great!!!!
And the squirrel on the top (I think It´s a squirrel, I´m not sure) is brilliant, very funny XDD

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Thank you Carmen!

Valerie Jeanne said...

Eek! This is so cute and funny! Love the squid. And...it's a starfish on top, I thought.


Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Thanks Valerie! Yes it is a starfish :)

lilly piri said...

Heheh Sparky is my favourite character of yours!

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Thanks Lilly!

studio lolo said...

and happy mew year!