Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Vintage Inky Wibbles!

So I was organizing my closet a few weeks ago and came across an old sketchbook mixed in with some photos. Generally looking at my old work makes me cringe a bit, but frankly these made me wonder what the "F" was going on in my head! These drawings were pure stream of consciousness and similar to the rapidograph drawings I posted back in May, although older (maybe from around 1989ish) and a bit darker - I confess they do frighten me a little. I suffered from depression for a long time and I think it's interesting to see the changes in my artwork as I started feeling better over the years.

Anyway here they are, they're all pretty small (3"x4") and a little beaten-up. Unfortunately I don't have clever titles or stories to go with them, but oh well:

I was pretty lucky, for some reason after I found these drawings I took them downstairs right away - the next night we had a fire in our room and these probably would have been ruined if I'd left them lying around (the way I usually do). I'm not sure, but there's probably a lesson in there for me!

I think the original plan was to do paintings of these, maybe I could do something along those lines (eventually).


Valerie Jeanne said...

Those are really interesting drawings and I can see some of your signature themes in them -- the inventive animals and sculptural structures for instance.

Sorry to hear about the fire in your room! Was it very extensive? I hope everything's okay.

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Hi Valerie,thanks for your observations!

The fire wasn't too bad - we lost a whole bookcase full of hard to replace books, which hurts (we love our books!), but fortunately no one was hurt (people or animals). It's just an inconvenience at this point but at least when all is said & done we'll have a nice new bedroom (we haven't done anything with it in the 15 years we've been there) :)