Friday, May 1, 2009

Mr. Sainesbury

Mr. Sainesbury
American Gentleman

Mr. Sainesbury is looking quite proper and dignified in his bowler hat, bow tie and pipe, it's easy to see why the nickname for the Boston Terrier is the "American Gentleman". Of course whoever came up with that nickname obviously never met Mr. Wiggles, the alter-ego of Mr. Sainesbury. In fact, if Sainesbury had gone to medical school, I'd venture to say that these two were the Jekyll and Hyde of Dogdom. In case you've forgotten Mr. Wiggles, here's a recent pic:

Mr. Wiggles*
Unspiration for this painting

Don't get me wrong, we love Mr. Wiggles dearly, he's just not particularly dignified.


Maureen said...

Both are adorable.

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Thanks Maureen,

Mr. Wiggles is 9 years old now & he's still as cute as the day we got him, that dog is an endless source of entertainment!

andrealynn said...

I could just imagine what kind of entertainment Mr. Wiggles brings to you, what a darling face he has. Him and his alter-ego :P

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Yeah he is very goofy - one of my favorite things he'll do that's very hard to capture in a photo is sit in the corner with his hind legs up in the air! It looks like he doesn't quite know where to put them, lol.