Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scary Toys

As promised, here's the model for my painting, "M U R D E R":


And here's his buddy:


Seriously, are these scary or what?


Maureen said...

Definitely! What's that terrifying movie with the clown in it? Reminds me of that, one is a bad as the other!

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Maureen, are you thinking of IT?

These were part of a set, they were the only two I bought (at a vintage toy store in Lambertville NJ). The other puppets were surprisingly normal (they were human).

Now that I'm looking at them, Brownby may need his own painting too! Maybe I could start a series, lol.

Valerie Jeanne said...

Yes, they're scary! If I were a kid, I wouldn't want them hanging in my room, lol!

Maureen said...

IT! Yes, scared me silly. I wonder if that impacted my angels in some way.

Owen said...

Hi, hope you don't mind a total stranger (but not totally strange - I hope !) dropping in from out of the blue, but I really like what I see here, your scary toys are wonderful, as long as the reassurance that nothing really bad happens here is true... am I safe browsing the back posts ??? Pennywise isn't going to jump out of a storm drain at me here ???

I don't mean to shamelessly self promote my own blog, but I have a small hunch that you may perhaps enjoy a few fairly recent posts I did, especially the dolls (scary?) photographed at a jumble sale just a couple of weekends ago, among other things.

Anyway, your blog looks like FUN, am going to add it to my list of Fun and Fascinating blogs, so I can find my way back here...

Elizabeth Victoria Knowles said...

Maureen, it's possible - your angels are a little scary, they actually remind me of some of Max Ernst's work. Who really knows though!

Owen, of course your comments are welcome here! Yes it's true that nothing bad (at least nothing REALLY bad) happens in Wibbley World, so you should feel safe browsing the older entries :) Thanks for directing me to your blog, I took a quick peek & will post a couple of comments over there - you have some wonderful photos (my favorites so far are the elephants (the circus rides?) and the children's games. And yes those dolls are quite scary (sad too). I love old toys!