Tuesday, February 21, 2012

29 Faces Challenge - Day 21: Pidgey

I'm doubling up today's face with a project for another art group I belong to - the theme for that was just "Birds."

Face 21
1" x 1.5"
Oil on panel

In case anyone's interested, I used Genesis heat set oils for Pidgey's little portrait.  


BlackPumpkin said...

Awesome Pidgey!!! Love his hat!!

Vicky Knowles said...

Thanks Black Pumpkin!

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Really like the finish on this! I've never heard of the heat set oils. How do you like them?

Vicky Knowles said...

Thanks Angelia! I really love the heat set oils, I feel like I should be their spokesperson! They do take some getting used to (as with any medium I suppose) and I'm not very comfortable yet using them on much larger scale, but then I am most comfortable painting miniatures anyway. Here are some of the things I like about them -

They really, truly don't completely dry until you bake or use the heat gun on them. I had first gotten my set maybe 9 years ago, tried them and then for some reason put them away - for six years!! Finally I felt guilty about having wasted that money & dug them out - the paints on the palette were still soft, the paint in the brush, etc! This time I had more patience to really learn how to use them.

Because they "never dry" there's no waste of unused paint drying up on the palette.

There is NO odor, and they're non toxic. They even clean up with rubbing alcohol (or you can wipe with a paper towel). I haven't noticed an odor while baking them either.

They're thixotropic, which means that the more you work them, the softer they get, so you can essentially control the texture as well.

Here's a link to their website: http://genesisartistcolors.com/ . They're not cheap, but with no waste it probably works out to the same as any other paint. You can get trial sizes of a few colors to test them out if you're considering buying them. I originally bought the starter set (which came with a video and heat gun) and have gotten supplemental colors from Jerry's. You can also find them on ebay too as people seem to love using them for painting reborn dolls.

Hope that helps and that you didn't glaze over halfway through!