Tuesday, February 7, 2012

29 Faces Challenge - days 3 and 4

OK I have two more for today, I'll keep posting double until I'm caught up with these.

Face 3 - Sea Monster

I didn't see anything about just doing human faces, so I hope these animal ones are ok. After all, a face is a face, or so they say. Right?

Face 4 - Alverd

Both of these are just graphite on rag drawing paper. Sometimes I forget how much I like just drawing with a regular pencil!

Here's the link to the challenge again, I realized that I bungled it up yesterday but I think I figured it out this time:


Sixsisters said...


Ayala Art said...

Your little faces are so adorable! I always enjoy visiting your blog

Patience said...

Yup Vicky you're good -- as the challenge states: "Any face... any medium, any size, any technique. 29 pieces total". Can't wait to see more of your unique faces!

Vicky Knowles said...

Thank you Sixsisters, Ayala, and Patience!

I'm hoping that one of the benefits of this challenge for me will be in getting in the habit of at least visiting my blog more frequently (instead of once a month!)

Melisa said...

I just love them all. The little sea monster has stolen my heart.

Angie said...

So adorable - just love the eyes so much!

Piarom said...

Alverd is my favorite! you are so talented doing these cuties !!

Vicky Knowles said...

Thanks Angie and Piarom, I'm sorry I didn't see your comments until just now!